To all of the Bravest souls

that are walking this earth without one or more of your children

Some of us get a tattoo

Some of us move

Some of us put it all in a box

Some of us keep it all where it was left

Some of us don’t get out of bed

Some of us take antidepressants

Some of us take anxiety pills

Some of us have guilt

Some of us see a shrink

Some of us hold it in

Some of us blurt it out

Some of us sleep with something that was special to their child

We all cry in the shower

We all cry in the car

We all cry so hard it feels like we are no longer breathing

We all have the same wish

We all want to go back

We all have that song, phrase or photo that will bring us to our knees

We all put on our mask that is needed for the day or in a moment

We all know what’s it’s like to live with a crushed heart

We all have a terrible fear we could lose another child

We all want to wake up!

We all wish for another moment

Just know any way YOU grieve is ok there is no right or wrong way.

~ Author Unknown