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You have no idea how much I want to take away the pain of families who have lost a child. For example, we were going to a nonprofit where kids can talk to their peers about their loss, and the parent would go upstairs and share what was going on with them as well. And even though I was only a few months after losing my child I wanted to hug each person and tell them it would okay. Their pain was so strong I cried more for them than I did for Jamie and myself. Kind of sappy, I know, but that group has a connection with each other that transcends most things that currently are dividing this country.

So, why did Loves From Luke get started? It was started for every sibling, mom, dad, cousin, uncle, aunt, niece, nephew, grandma, and grandpa that has lost a sweet innocent little one of their own. Losing someone that close never goes away. His brothers and sister will always feel that loss, and anyone else he has touched knows that heartache. My goal is for everyone that has felt that sting is not to feel alone or abandoned. Sometimes just knowing there is someone out there who understands what they are going through is, in a way, comforting.

Our nonprofit started with a message from God. I was sitting in a chair in our backyard when God simply told me what He wanted me to do. He wanted me to start Loves From Luke so I could reach out to people who were having one of the worst moments in their life. From there it was just putting the pieces in place to reach out to all people. I don’t know if Loves From Luke will just be in Clark County or if more chapters will open in other cities or towns. All we want to do is to reach out to people who have suddenly lost a child if it’s the “Loves Kit”, this website, or our blogs. To us it’s about you and your journey.

Those we have reached, or are reaching out to, know we are here for the first 24 hours and beyond. When you are ready you may want to start something like Loves From Luke in your community, and if it’s within our means we would want to help with that. If you want to help with our projects, we would love that as well. Let us know what has helped you so we can share your testimony with others. You may want to write a blog or make a podcast, and we can post those on this website.

My other reason to start this nonprofit is our experiences and journey through the loss of our son will help you on your journey. We know the deep loss you feel won’t go away but will change over time. Maybe it’s just acceptance that the one you love won’t be coming through that door. There are quiet times when I think of him, and it still hurts. Life does go on and the seasons change for us. We all will get a little older and a little grayer but still that ONE DAY won’t change. Those of us who have lost our kiddos know the little victories of moving forward through our stages of grief, but we also know sunny days are a little dimmer without them. You are someone who has lost a child. You may have family, or you are your only family. Maybe you can’t talk to anyone on certain days and just want to look out a window and remember them. I understand we are an unfortunate community of those who have suffered a loss so deep it can feel like the floor beneath us has fallen away and we are just falling. We get that, we have been there. If you chose to move forward through your grief, we get that and if you just can’t move forward today, we get that too. Just know you are loved.

These are just a few reasons why we started Loves From Luke. We, who have lost, should be there for each other for the first 24 hours and beyond. May God’s peace be with you.

With Love,

Pat and Jamie Santon

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